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6 Best Photo Opportunities in York

A beautiful and historic city, York is full of places to snap an amazing picture. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, our famous landmarks and beauty spots allow anyone to take an amazing photo. This blog gives you inside hints on the best photo opportunities in the city, so when you visit, you’ll be able to take home gorgeous memories.

The Shambles

Come rain or shine, snow or sun, The Shambles is picturesque no matter the weather. As the best preserved medieval street in the world, this landmark is one of York’s most famous attractions. The overhanging buildings are very dramatic, and you can get many amazing shots looking down the street. Head to the narrowest point, where you can get a great shot touching either side with your arms outstretched. Don’t forget to snap a pic of the street sign!

York Minster

One of the most famous attractions in our city, York Minster is a sight to behold from all angles. Some of the best and most recognisable shots are gained from the front, but for a slightly different angle get up close and tilt your camera upwards so the Minster rises from the ground. From the outer edges of the city, this church can be clearly seen across the skyline, making for a beautiful sunset image. Alternatively, head to the side of the Minster where tourists may be sparse for a brilliant landscape shot, as pictured above.

York City Walls

City Walls

Surrounding the city, York’s walls provide a myriad of image-taking opportunities. For an Instagrammable photo, shoot it down the centre of the walls as shown above. The composition is very inviting, and if you decide to get in the picture yourself the walls will frame you perfectly. For an alternative angle, take a landscape shot from the grass verges at either side to show off the scale and unique architecture. You could even take one from this angle while your friend is standing on top of the walls themselves.

York Museum Gardens

Museum Gardens

As a registered botanical garden, wildlife photographers and enthusiasts will delight in the magnificent array of flora and fauna. York Museum Gardens also house a number of beautiful historical monuments, such as St Mary’s Abbey, pictured above. Originally one of the most powerful and affluent Benedictine monasteries in the country, the ruins still show off the breathtaking architecture. Other architectural photography spots in the gardens include the Hospitium, Multangular Tower and York Observatory, all spectacular examples of the gardens’ prominence in York throughout history.

river ouse york

River Ouse

Winding its way through York, the River Ouse is adorned with restaurants, greenery, bridges, and river boats. A shot directly down the river from atop a bridge, as above, is an easy way to get a great image every time. From the riverbank, try angling your camera to follow the flow of the river to add movement and dimension to your images. Buildings and boats on opposite banks also make for great pictures; try crouching for a stronger composition.

Clifford’s Tower

Standing strong and tall, Clifford’s Tower is a renowned building, famous for being the largest remaining part of York castle. From the bottom of the hill, the tower looks formidable, and you can see why it was once the centre of government for the north. Some great shots can be taken peeking through the windows, either from the inside or out, and the view from the top is incredible.

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