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7 Strange Reasons to Visit York

Did you know that York is the UK’s chocolate Capital? Or that it has the oldest shopping street in Europe? Our York hotel hopes to enlighten you with our seven strange reasons you should visit our brilliant city.

It’s the UK’s chocolate Capital

Although the sweet stuff arrived in London in the 17th century, York owes its title ‘City of Chocolate’ to the huge Rowntree’s and Terry’s chocolate factories of the 20th century. 5 million Kit Kats are still made in York every single day, and boy, are we grateful! You can even go cocoa at a delicious attraction if you visit York’s Chocolate Story or the scenic Rowntree Park.

Kit Kat

You might meet a ghost

With over 500 recorded hauntings, York is a firm favourite of afterlife seekers. It’s unsurprising that York is the most haunted city in the UK, considering the city’s violent and volatile history. The Golden Fleece pub is said to be the most haunted place, as fifteen ghouls roam the corridors. If you’re brave enough, take a place on one of the city’s evening ghost tours. We dare you!

Night York

It has the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe

With its stained-glass windows and magnificent stonework, this breath-taking Cathedral is truly a work of art. It is so well protected that it once had its own police force after an 1829 arson attack. Well worth a visit, this marvel holds the heart of York in its Rose Window.

York Minster

You can stroll down the oldest shopping street in Europe

The Shambles was once home to the butchers of York, who would display their meat from the overhanging buildings. Although none remain, many quaint, independent shops now reside here. From chocolatiers and fudge pantries to jewellers and artisan bakeries, there is something for everyone at this ancient haunt.

The Shambles

It’s good enough for a Roman Emperor

In 306AD, Constantine the Great was crowned in York. He is the only Roman emperor to have been crowned anywhere outside of Rome, and we can’t blame him for adopting our gorgeous city. He was also the first Emperor to allow people to celebrate Christmas. What a good egg.

Roman Emperor York

It’s responsible for Bonfire Night (kind of)

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. We all adore Bonfire Night, despite its dark history. York born and raised, Guy Fawkes, is the most notorious conspirer of the 1605 plot to blow up Parliament. In the shadows of York Minister is the Guy Fawkes Inn, which stands in the birthplace of the criminal. Why not pay a visit for a beer and a bite to eat?

Bonfire Night

You can walk along the longest and best-preserved city walls in England

In 1800, the Corporation of York applied for an Act of Parliament to demolish the walls. However, they were met with fierce opposition and by the mid-nineteenth century, the Corporation backed down. Much of the walls were saved and to this day, you can still patrol the two miles of perimeter!

York City Walls

We hope these weird and wonderful facts persuade you to visit York! Why not stay the night at our Hotel Indigo York? We’d love to have you. And remember, stay safe and stay alert.

Food & Drink in York

Sip on local gin, craft ales, familiar favourites, and creative cocktails at No.88 Walmgate. Pair with one of our delicious Rustic Pizzas.

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We proudly stand in the historic neighbourhood of Walmgate, just a short walk from all the city has to offer.

At one point Walmgate had 20 pubs on the street, today it is a cool mix of independent restaurants, bars and shops and continues to Fossgate – which boasts even more independent shops, delis, bars and restaurants. Walmgate Bar proudly stands at the end of the road. It is the only existing bar in York with a Barbican and forms part of the York City Walls walk.

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York Hotel's Chocolate Story

Discover the history of chocolate, how to make it and how to taste it like an expert at the York’s Chocolate Story.

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